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Top Causes of Car Accidents

From experience, we have observed that there are three primary causes of car and truck accidents. In this article, we share the top three causes.

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California Burn Injury Law Overview

A less common injury resulting from another's negligence is burns. Burns are not as frequent as car accidents, but often result in severe pain and substantial economic loss. In this article, we provide an overview of burn injuries.


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PERSONAL INJURY: A personal injury claim arises from when someone intentionally or through their reckless conduct causes injury to another. The law attempts to make the injured whole again to compensate for the experience and the economic harm. Timing is always important and if a claim is not brought promptly you may lose your rights. If you are in California you can visit the California State Bar Website at CalBar.CA.GOV.

WRONGFUL DEATH: A family can bring a California wrongful death claim against someone and sometimes their employer when they intentionally or accidentally cause the death to the relative of the family. The whole idea behind a wrongful death claim is to bring justice to the heirs by putting them back in the same place had the death not occurred. Timing is always important and if a claim is not brought promptly the heirs may lose their rights